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Company Profile

DSS Global Inc. began in 2001 as an executive search sourcing firm based in Chicago, Illinois located in the National Historic Landmark building, the Civic Opera House.  Our recruiting focus is to provide an option to traditional full service retained search that had a long cycle time to identify candidates for hard-to-fill assignments and charging clients exortibant fees for candidates they are unable to deliver. Clients began to form internal executive search practices or hiring executive search professionals as internal recruiters to decrease external recruiting expenses. This model works to fill most positions, but not for limited talent within niche specialty areas or some locations that are not desirable.  Therefore, we offer executive search services to fit the needs of U.S. domestic and international clients. 

Multicultural Inclusion

We ensure a multicultural inclusive candidate slate for Fortune 100 clients who understand the return on investment by having the best talent in the market to stay competitive.  For our clients, “multicultural inclusion” is not a buzzword.  It is an economic reality and basic to their core business strategy.  Therefore, when we talk about inclusion, we are talking about high achievers who bring unique knowledge and skills to the organization that are diverse in thought, gender, race and/or ethnicity with a successful track record.


Clients are from large global companies and global nonprofit professional organizations that are leaders in their industry within consumer products, oil & gas,  energy, healthcare, pharmaceutical, medical devices, chemical, specialty chemicals, heavy manufacturing,  insurance, financial services, banking, technology, R&D, IT, agriculture, scientific, management consulting, "Big 4" public accounting, entertainment, media, aviation,  and automotive.

 We have executive talent in the following Functional disciplines:


• Finance
• Operations
• Facilities/Real Estate
• Banking Officers
• Corporate Affairs
• Investment Banking
• R&D Scientific PhD's
• And Numerous Others


• "Big 4" Accounting/Audit/Tax
• Upstream/Downstream
• Actuarial
• Media Production
• Marketing
• Clinical/Ambulatory
• Chemists

• Management Consulting
• Information Technology (IT)
• Engineering
• Medical Directors
• Public Relations
• Medical Doctors (M.D.)

At DSS Global, Inc., we are dedicated to providing those we serve with top tier talent.





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